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Veterinary House Calls

Veterinary house calls can be a huge benefit for everyone: the pet, the client and the veterinarian.


Families with children, busy professionals, seniors, and multi-pet households will love the convenience and ease of a house call. Pets that are fearful out of their own environment, too sick to be moved, suffer from motion sickness or hate crates and car rides will benefit by being examined in their own home wherever they are most comfortable. Exceptions to this are animals that are aggressive to strangers in their home.  In this case, it is safer for everyone to have the pet seen at an animal hospital, where there are trained support staff to help take care of your pet.

To prepare for a house, call please have any pertinent medical records available.  If they are lengthy, please email them before the appointment so we can be better prepared.  Make sure cats are inside, and if fearful, contained to a small room so they don’t mysteriously disappear when we arrive.

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