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How much does a veterinary house call cost?

Most of your costs for a veterinary house call will be similar to a visit to a stationary practice. Exams are $60. The house call fee that you pay for Dr. Waterman to come and provide veterinary services in your home is $50 for visits within the Santa Maria/Orcutt area. 

Call in advance for pricing outside of this area.   


Help! I have a veterinary emergency!

Emergencies are usually not appropriate for house call treatment.  If your pet is having difficulty breathing, is unresponsive, bleeding uncontrollably or has suffered serious trauma, please call the nearest stationary hospital. After hours and on weekends please call PETS Hospital in the Orcutt Knolls Shopping Center at  (805) 250-5600. 


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash and checks.  Credit cards are accepted with a 5% processing fee.


When are you available for veterinary house call appointments?

Appointments are available Monday - Friday between 9 am – 3 pm.  

Contact us at (805) 363-3322 to schedule a home veterinary visit for your pet.

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